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Last Man Standing Competition

Competition number 3 was won at the weekend by David Murray, who clains the 140 prize money. A new competition starts this weekend.

Entry is 5, and the prize has always been 100 plus.

Week 1 Fixtures -  Deadline Saturday 21st January 12 noon

Saturday 21st Jan

Liverpool v Swansea City 12.30 pm
Bournemouth v Watford  3.00 pm
Crystal Palace v Everton  3.00 pm
Middlesborough v West Ham United  3.00 pm
Stoke City v Manchester United  3.00 pm
West Brom v  Sunderland  3.00 pm
Manchester City v Spurs  5.30 pm

Sunday 22nd Jan
Southampton v Leicester City 12 noon 
Arsenal v Burnley  2.15 pm
Chelsea v Hull City  4.30 pm

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